How to craft a world class life (WCL) and make 2018 the best year yet.

A visiting pastor to vegas (Gambling world) was preaching to his congregation about sin and the Devil's way. "illegal drugs will steal your mind and your soul!" he proclaimed. A woman in the back yelled, "Preach it, brother!" "Drink will lead you to mischief!” the pastor thundered. "That's right, pastor!" came the response from the back. "You must not covet your neighbour’s wife or go fooling around outside marriage!" he continued. "Keep going, brother," she replied. "Gambling is the Devil's pastime!" he roared. "Now wait a minute, brother," shouted the woman, jumping to her feet, "you just stopped preaching and started fishing into my business.

I will like to interfere and meddle in your Lives like the preacher by provoking our resolutions/ goals and targets for 2018.

I will like to start with a pause, please take a moment and write down what a World Class Life means for you as an individual. Who in your world, will you consider world class? Maybe in-terms of wealth, Career, Family, Personal Character, Health, Emotional control, or even social Life (Friends and Families), and Personal Development,

Just reflect on that because awareness presides choice, which preside results. With better awareness, you will make better choices and see better results.

To me, a World Class Life comes down to a few keys things; Being successful, achieving the things you set yourself, your goals and your dreams, achieving the physical life you want etc. It is also about economic success, money is important, abundance is available to all and it is nice. I have both been poor and rich and I know which I like to be.

WCL is about being significant, what legacy do you want to leave behind; feeling you have not walked the planet in vain but contributed to other’s wellbeing, creating value and making a difference, hence the super-rich become philanthropist.

It is about realising your gifts and potential; we have a duty to shine, there isn’t extra of us on this planet. With these gifts comes responsibilities, to share and impact on others.

It means having high levels of excitement and being challenged, researched has shown that, we are at our best when challenged, or the human brain wants new things, it craves for novelty, the excitement it creates build momentum to drive us forward.

Good health - How often do we stop to check our health or do we wait until we are poorly. Do we run our cars until it is out of gas or top up regularly? Please note if we don’t stop, for recuperation, we are heading the wrong way. There is a Hebrew saying “when we are young, we will sacrifice all of our health for wealth and when we are old, we will sacrifice all our wealth for one good day of health. Do not be the richest guy in the grave.

Don’t postpone your life, how many time have we heard people said, I was planning to call my mum, my friends and dad, but now he/she has passed. Live in the moment and enjoy life.

So where are you today with your goals/resolution.

I will call on you today to write, where there is a gap, between where you want to be and where you are at the moment. Thereafter, you will have a sense of awareness, for only what gets measured, can be improved on. Awareness leaves to better choices, followed closely by better results.

To conclude: What would it mean to you, if I would personally coach you month after month towards your goals and life desires. From reflection to physical health, decluttering and reducing your debt, planning for your personal success is just as vital as every other success you’d like to achieve

PS: Those who don’t make time for exercise, must eventually make time for illness.

Arnie Chiy